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Stand Out In The Crowd: Becoming a Strategic Advisor

Updated: Apr 15

It's no longer enough for managed testing service teams to just deliver services. To really stand out and make a mark, it's crucial to become strategic partners that clients can’t do without. This means not only delivering on expectations but showing up as a thought partner for the client leaders and teams they support.

At The Leaders' QA, we get the hurdles you face as you evolve from just being vendors to trusted advisors. That’s exactly why we’ve crafted a set of programs tailored to guide your teams toward becoming the go-to experts for your clients. From workshops that hone your influencing skills to group coaching sessions that foster leadership, we're here to help you make that shift.

Want to know how to step up your game? Here are a few friendly tips:

  1. Bring your passion to work: Embedded teams need to show up as more than just ticket-takers. They need to be bought into the mission and vision of the managed testing services company and then bring that passion with them to the client.

  2. Don't be a wallflower: Your passion and commitment doesn't show up unless you tell others about it. Developing a team that are confident communicators is everything. This key difference will shift your team from ticket-taking status to strategic thought partners.

  3. Be the problem solver: Don’t just point out problems. Be the one who brings innovative solutions to the table. Empower your team to b the expert and help your client mature quality.

Embarking on the journey to become a strategic advisor is rewarding and full of learning. With the right skills, like those you can develop through our programs, you can transition from being a simple vendor to an indispensable ally for your clients.

Join us at The Leaders' QA and unlock your team's potential today!

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